LuckyGames Casino - What is it?

By Pascal Parvex

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I would like to talk a bit about this extraordinary casino named LuckyGames, which supports dozens of Cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Waves.

Not only that you don't need to sign up to get an account on this gambling site, you also can change the specifics of of your automatically created login, as player name and email address with ease.

There have been close to ten Billion bets made since the inauguration of LuckyGames casino, so what are the games playable? There are five of them: "Balls", "Dice", my favorite "Roulette", "Cells" and finally "Hacker". Let me explain a few of those games a little better:

You chose between ten balls; the more you add to your bet, the lower are the possible winnings; on the other hand, if you pick only one ball, the possible win amount is the highes, with factor 10.89 to be exact. Whatever odds yo chose, you can then run the magnet, which will randomly pick a ball, deciding if you win or lose.


This is the most common game in the cryptocurrency world. You set a number from 1 to 98 and chose if you want to bet that the dice rolls below or above that given number. Also, there is the lucky number "00", but I don't know the payout rate, should it come up.. Payout varies from factor 1.01 to 99. This game has by far the most players.


Ah, my favorite one. You bet on numbered fields on a colored playfield with different odds. Once you have made all your bets, a wheel containing all playing fields is spinned and a ball is thrown in. On whatever compartment the ball lands, decides the winning fields.

Cells and Hacker

Those are not explained here, as I don't know how they work. They also have few players.

What makes the LuckyGames casino special, is that you not only can bet with dozens of cryptocurrencies, but that you also can exchange them with each other inside the casino! So as long as you have funds deposited, you can switch currencies within the casino, for example if you want your winnings paid out in another currency.

Fun facts: At time of this review, there were around 500 bets made per second, and way over 11 thousand Bitcoins had been won. Also, the casino offers a mobile version of the site, which is responsive, so it will run on any device with a modern browser. 

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